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health conscious cookies and desserts.

Welcome to Alley O’ Designer Gourmet

On Long Island, Alley O' specializes in creating fabulous homemade desserts that taste really good. We purposely make our desserts with 100% natural ingredients. All of our cookies and baby cakes have their own distinctive, unique look. Because we scoop each cookie by hand, no 2 cookies will ever look alike. All of our desserts are made in small batches the same way Grandma made them. These desserts are simply amazing! Alley O' Gourmet "It's a healthy lifestyle, eat to live and eat responsibly!

Thank you for having our desserts!!

Please feel free to learn more about our cookies and order some batches for yourself today and learn how eating foods with all natural and organic ingredients is much healthier for the body, soul and mind without sacrificing taste! Call today to order for yourself and your company or organization.

These are some of the organizations we have designed sweets and treats for:

We can provide custom designed cookies for your events. Please contact our business office to speak with a cookie gift specialist.

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